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Brazil Robusta

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Cupping Notes : Cocoa, Earthy, Nut, Popcorn

Our Conilon comes from three farmers, Gilberto Breda, Ary Bortolini and Válter Luiz Fontana, in Linhares, just north of the Espírito Santo. It was blended and processed by our sister company in Brazil.

The varieties of Conilon are called "clones" because the spread of this species is based on the use of branches of adult plants called "estacas" – stakes in portuguese – instead of the widely known use of seeds in Arabica varieties. These three producers use some clonal varieties within the genotype groups of Vitória, Jequitibá and Centenário.

The three producers are the descendants of the pioneering families that helped to brave the challenges of populating this region with coffee. In addition, they all have entrepreneurship running through their veins. They acquired their farms at a time when conilon was not used much by the local industry. However, they saw an opportunity for the conilon business to grow.

Nowadays the three growers are Volcafe partners and well established producers in the north of Espírito Santo.