Costa Rica Jaguar Honey Fresh Roasted Coffee
Costa Rica Jaguar Honey Fresh Roasted Coffee

Costa Rica Jaguar Honey Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Costa Rica Jaguar Honey

Honey Process – skin and pulp are removed, but some or all of the mucilage (Honey) remains 

Cupping Notes:  Red Apple, Roasted Almond, Cane Sugar / $12 a bag


One thing we want to do with our business is to always try and give back in some way.  Either by donating our time or Coffee to Charity where we can.  Now we are Supporting the Jaguar population in Costa Rica.  When we purchase this Honey Processed Costa Rica Coffee to roast $1 of every quintal purchased goes towards this cause. 

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What is Honey Processed Coffee?
Pulped natural or honey process is a method in which the fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped, but allowed to dry without fermentation or washing. Some of the fruit is still there, but not nearly as much as in the natural process. In the cup, Honey coffees tend to be more complex than their washed analogs, but not as fruity as natural coffees.

Jaguar Honey’s process offers some advantages compared to other drying processes. One important difference is that water usage is lower. Additionally, due to a shorter fermentation period, the coffee acquires an acidity halfway between natural and washed coffees. In other words, the Honey process enables the production of coffees with some of the unique characteristics of natural processed coffee in less time and with lower risks of unexpected effects such as over-fermentation.
As part of Volcafe’s agreement with Fundazoo, a donation of $1 is made for every quintal sold to finance the organization’s efforts in preserving Jaguars in Costa Rica.